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Maintenance Services

We’ll take the stress out of property maintenance.

Lawn Mowing

During the main growing season, lawn mowing typically happens on a seven-day schedule. If we come out too often, your lawn can start to suffer under the sun. That’s why we work to get the balance just right.

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Spring/Fall Clean Ups
  • Gutter Clean Outs
  • Aeration/Overseed/Dethatching
  • Shrub Bed Maintenance

Lawn Aeration

When it comes to lawn care, the best service value for your dollar is typically lawn aeration. The recommended schedule is at least once each year, in the spring or fall.

Aeration helps lawns grow strong because it allows air, moisture, and fertilizer to reach the root zone. It also works to reduce soil compaction and improve the natural decomposition of thatch. This helps you save water by decreasing runoff, which benefits your lawn through every season.

Year-Round Lawn Care

Giving some extra attention to your lawn will really help it thrive. We’re always happy to add overseeding or dethatching services to your lawn care plan.

Struggling with bare spots on the lawn? Overseeding can fill in the gaps and improve your turf color and density. This is a must for struggling lawns.

Having a thick layer of thatch can stop water and air from reaching your new blades of green grass. Regular dethatching helps every lawn thrive.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Regular cleanup keeps your landscaping looking its best all year long. Whether you want to give special attention to your flowerbeds, kill weed seedlings before they sprout, or just have your driveway and sidewalks looking tidy, our crew can help.

  • Flowerbed Maintenance
  • Pre-emergent Applications
  • Leaves, Pine Cones, and Needles

Gutter Cleanouts

Maintaining your gutters helps protect your home from water damage. Don’t let clogged and overflowing gutters damage your foundation, walls, or landscape. Schedule a gutter cleanout before the next storm hits to control where the rainwater flows.

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