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Fertilization Services & Weed Control

Give your lawn and landscaping what they need to thrive.

Our Lawn Care Program

Spring: Starter Fertilizer

Broadleaf weed control and starter fertilizer stimulate healthy root development for the new growing season. We also apply pre-emergent to prevent weed grasses from cropping up.

Early Summer: Balance

Another combination of slow-release, granular fertilization—plus broadleaf and pre-emergent weed control—extends your crabgrass maintenance for the start of summer. This also helps build turf.

Summer: Nourishment

When the summer stress starts to hit, we want to give extra nourishment to our lawns. This can prevent burnouts and encourage new growth and color. We also spot-treat broadleaf weeds, as needed.

Fall: Hardiness and Color

Ending the growing season with a final fertilization works to thicken the grass and strengthen the roots for winter hardiness. This will help to put your lawn to bed for the long winter.

Tree/Shrub Fertilizer Application

Your lawn isn’t the only thing that can benefit from fertilization. Trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds need nourishment beyond sunshine and water to stay healthy. Call us out for a consultation. We’ll walk your property and discuss the best course of action for all of your landscaping.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

When your property needs a little extra attention, our weed control services can come to the rescue. In addition to lawn care, we can also conduct weed control in your flowerbeds, ornamental mulch beds, and around tree rings.

At the Boise Lawn Company, we value professionalism. That’s why everyone on our application crew is licensed through the state of Idaho. This means they have all of the necessary training and continuing education to safely apply herbicides for your property’s landscaping. Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions about our credentials.

Soil Testing

The more you know about your soil, the better all of your landscaping will be. Checking the soil composition of clay, loam, and sand helps us determine the best planting and watering conditions for your property. We can also review the mineral content for any deficiencies, and then balance out your soil with customized fertilization.

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