Lawn Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Care


Weekly Lawn Mowing – Consists of mowing all turf areas on an average of every seven days during the main growing season. Mowing, power edging, string trimming, cleaning off sidewalks and removal of the grass clippings will be included. During the early Spring and late Fall, lawns will be checked and mowed only as needed.

Flowerbed Maintenance – Weed control shall be maintained in all flower beds, ornamental mulch beds and around tree rings. Weekly mowing, an initial Clean-up, and Pre-emergent are required for this service.

Flower Bed Pre-Emergent – This application of commercial strength pre-emergent helps control weed growth without harming your flowers. Pre-Emergent kills weed seedlings before they germinated, never allowing them to grow. this application does not control weeds that have already germinated or sprouted. ( Consists of 3 application per year Spring, Summer and Fall)

Other Services


Spring/Summer/Fall Aerations – The best care service value for your dollar is aeration of the lawn. Aeration reduces soil compaction, retards thatch build up by increasing micro organism activity and allows thatch to decompose naturally. Aeration has many benefits: it allows air, moisture and fertilizer to reach the root zone. Also water is saved due to decreased run off. Utah State Extension Service suggests that your lawn be aerated AT LEAST once a year. Aerating will begin when weather permits each season.


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